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What does photography mean to you?

I thought I would give you guys an insight into what photography means to me.

Photography for me is a much loved hobby turned career. I seriously can’t remember a time I didn’t love sifting through photographs. The emotions images evoke is super powerful. I remember watching my dad as a child using a polaroid camera, being totally mesmerised by the fact that an actual photograph came straight out - GENIUS! In the dark room at school in the days of film, watching the images appear slowly, pure magic! Photo albums full to the brim of memories ahhhhh there really is nothing quite like a physical photograph in hand.

Over the years I have loved learning what cameras can do, working with them to get a finished image looking the way I want it to. Learning new skills all the time, as photography developed and technology progressed. Trying out different lenses that give your image a completely different look. Working out what works best for what project.

Enhancing images and using various editing software is also something under the digital photography umbrella that I enjoy. Manipulating images, a little tweak here and there, software can be so much fun! The entire creative process is pretty challenging but when you get it right, there is a great sense of achievement!. Through photography I can really express myself and project things from my perspective.

What makes photography even more special to me now are the reactions of my clients when they see the images I have captured for them. It takes me right back to when I was looking through my own family images. A warm fuzzy feeling - knowing I provide this to so many is incredible!

So what does photography mean to you? Let me know in the comments box below :)

Kelly x

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