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Tips on what you should wear during your photo session.

husband and wife | anniversary photoshoot | Chiswick London | park

Often clients will ask the question ‘What should I wear for my shoot?’

Below are some of my top tips.


This has to be the most important consideration. If you are feeling comfortable you will ooze confidence, this will transmit to your images.

Plain or Pattern

Solid plain colours work best. You are the subject not your clothes!


More muted tones are ideal. If you know you will be shooting at a location with a bright, light and airy background then choose a darker shade – these can be more flattering too ladies! If you have a favourite colour, then wear it!

More than one person on the shoot? You don’t have to all wear the same colour. Choose a palette, for example, pastels or monochrome, then all pick a shade – simple coordination is all thats needed. Lets compliment not clone!

Layers & textures

Different materials for example, tweed, silk, lace, crocheted items. These will add interest to your images. Follow your own vision and style.


Keep jewellery simple and minimalistic.


Bring along various accessories as these can make your images more varied. They will give you multiple looks without full wardrobe changes.


Style your hair in a way you are familiar with. If getting it cut give yourself time to live with the new look. A fresh cut rarely looks at its best the next day, does it!

Be yourself

You know your style. You know what you like or more importantly don’t like. Now is not the time to trial a new image! Avoid anything that will make you feel self conscious. Play it safe and keep it simple.

You look amazing, now go and shine!

Kelly x

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