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Event photography - What's involved?

I shoot a lot of events. It is one of the many types of photography I specialise in. From sporting events, art exhibitions, charity balls to parties you name it, i shoot it!

I personally describe event photography as the art of capturing a story. From the pre event shots of the venue right through to the closing shots of people leaving and everything else in between! It essentially contains elements of photojournalism, street photography and portrait photography.

A selection of newsworthy, unusual or quirky, emotional and intimate images are what you should be looking to capture. Document what’s going on with little or no interference. Working with minimum disruption, move through the crowds without being noticed where possible, this will help you achieve natural candid shots which in turn reveal a truer representation of any event!

You will almost always encounter a few people that are more than willing to pose. Interact with them, they help in creating some really fun shots.

However tempting it is to get creative from the get go, with event photography my advice would be - get the important shots nailed first and then move on to the creative.

Get up close - use your zoom, viewers want to feel like they were actually there.

Cover shots - images that sum up the entire story and make people want to see more.

Establishing shots - Where, When and What is the event?

Detail shots - venue, theme, decorations, food, drinks etc….

Crowd shots - Who attended?

VIP shots - Speakers, VIP guests, Event hosts etc...

Filler shots - this is where you can get creative.

There is so much going on during events. Always be ready to take photographs, you do not want to miss a thing!

I would love to see some of your event shots, share them with me :)

Kelly x

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