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10 creative ideas for displaying your photographs

Bored with storing your images in traditional photo albums and scrapbooks?

There are so many fun alternatives - take a look at my selection below!

1. Various frames.

Position a collection of different style frames in varying sizes on your wall or surface. Look for frames that compliment each other but are not identical. This will create a great focal point within the room.

2. String or ribbon & pegs.

Choose a nice quality ribbon in a colour that compliments your room. Hang the ribbon across the wall or area that you want to display your images on. Use pegs to attach your images to the ribbon – voila! A great alternative. For a more rustic look you could use standard string.

3. A wall collage.

If you are feeling really creative then this one is for you. Arrange your photographs on the wall. You can choose to display them in a shape, for example, a heart, a star or similar. If you prefer a random design then go for it!

4. Photo tree.

A photo tree works a little like a ‘family tree’. You could literally stencil a tree onto a wall and position your images on the different branches.

5. Cushions.

Many companies now print images on to various items. Printing your favourite photos onto a cosy cushion is a great way of displaying them!

6. Clip boards.

This is a really funky way to display your photographs. Simply clip an image on to the clipboards and hang! Would work great in a teenagers bedroom.

7. Posters.

Why not go large! Instead of a standard size image choose to display your photographs on a poster. You can have one large image or a collage of your favs

8. Decorative display plates.

Plates are a really nice way of showcasing your images. You can arrange them by hanging them on a wall or use stands on a surface.

9. Blocks.

The advantage to photo blocks is that you can display multiple images using only a small space. Place one photo per side!

10. Bottles & jars.

This is a rather unique way of displaying your photos. Collect a selection of clear bottles or jars, in different shapes and sizes. Make sure you clean and dry them well! Insert your chosen images then position them.

If you choose to use any of the ideas above, add your images in the comments box – I would love to see them!

Kelly x

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